Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are huge these days and are many times, a major factor in even ordering online! At OrganizeMore, we understand this. So, we wanted to answer a few of the most common questions we receive:
How are my shipping costs calculated?  OrganizeMore uses UPS and USPS Real-Time Shipping Rates Processors. These rates are determined directly from UPS or USPS (based on your location) and are determined by three major factors: the size and weight of the organizers and boxes; our location in middle Tennessee; and your location. For example, shipping to California will be more costly than to Georgia, based on the distance from our shop.
Why is shipping so expensive? Simply put- fuel costs. As we understand, fuel costs have a huge inpact on shipping costs. Plus, everything just seems to be getting more expensive by the day, including shipping!
Can I avoid paying shipping? Sure! If you are near northern middle Tennessee and would like to pick up your order at our place, you're welcome to do that. At the present, you would simply place your order as normal, including shipping charges. Then, we will fully refund any shipping costs when you pick up your order. Note: if you prefer this method, simply send us a note after you place your order and we'll give you an estimate as to when we will complete your order and directions to our place.
Do you ship ouside the United States? Yes! We now offer shipping to all 50 states plus Canada! We ship via UPS to the states and USPS outside of the United States. For rates, simply enter your items into your cart. Then enter your shipping address and either UPS or USPS will provide rates via their servers.
We hope this answers some of the concerns you may have regarding shipping. If not, please contact us and we'll respond asap!  Thank you.