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Tiered Shelf- DIY Instructions

January 11, 2016

Tiered Shelf- DIY Instructions

The Tiered Shelf organizers are a part of our new Smarter Cubby kits and we are so excited about these stylish, functional, versatile, and super affordable organizers! We designed them to ship "flat pack" (kinda like IKEA products). But, some easy assembly is required. This organizer will only take you around 2 minutes to set up....AND the best part about it?... There are no tools required. The Tiered Shelf organizers are designed to fit together perfectly because of the special grooves. Keep reading to learn how to put yours together!


This is how many pieces you will receive when the package arrives. You will have two shelf ends and three shelves. Depending on what size Tiered Shelf you ordered, the shelves will be the length accordingly. But don't worry, these instructions will apply to both size Tiered Shelves. (The one I will be using to show you the assembly is the Tiered Shelf 12" wide.)


Step 1: Place the shelf ends flat on the table. Make sure that the grooves are facing upward. Both shelf ends should be matching, just like this photo.


Step 2: Next, take one shelf and line up both grooves. You should then be able to push down until the shelf is fitted into the grooves on both ends.


Step 3: Repeat this pattern for all three shelves and you will notice the shelf is on it's back. You will then be ready to tilt it upwards and just like that, you will have a brand new Tiered Shelf! 


Happy Organizing!

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