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Card Display Stand- DIY Instructions

January 11, 2016

Card Display Stand- DIY Instructions

Hi everyone! This blog post is going to feature our NEW and improved Card Display Stand! We think you will love its new design! It's super easy to assemble and it will only take you about a minute to set it up. But you know what's the best part about this?...You don't need any tools at all!

Keep reading below to learn the easy DIY instructions.


Here is a picture of all of the pieces you will receive with the kit. You should have two dowels and the card stand.


Step 1: First off, lay the card stand on its back. Then take one of the dowels and start to screw it in the slots. This can be done by twisting the dowel with your hand. This step will be done on the other side with the second dowel as well. 


This is what the dowel end looks like up close.


Here is what the dowels will look like once they have been assembled.


Step 2: Once the dowels have been screwed in, stand the card display up to see how it works. (You may need to adjust the dowels) 


This is what the finished product should look like! See how easy it is to set up? We hope you enjoy this new design!



Great job! You now have a wonderful Card Display Stand to showcase your beautiful card creations! 

Happy Organizing!

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