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Three Way Card Rack- DIY Instructions

January 11, 2016

Three Way Card Rack- DIY Instructions

Hi everyone! We are so excited about the new Three Way Card Racks and want to show you how easy it can be to assemble! Aren't these perfect for classes, crops, or shows? Maybe these can be used to showcase Christmas cards during the season too!

Remember, since these are a part of our Smarter Cubby Kits series,
the card racks come unfinished and are made of sturdy baltic birch wood and birch dowels. You can either leave them the baltic birch wood or you can paint them with beautiful colors, stain, or even design with stamps for some more creative fun!...the possibilities are endless! .

Okay, so are you ready to learn how to assemble your Three Way Card Rack? Don't worry, this is extremely easy and takes a total of about 2 minutes. And the best part?...it doesn't require any tools at all! 

Here are the three ways you can set up your card racks. 


After that exciting moment of receiving your order in the mail, you'll open the package and each individual card rack will come with a 1 rectangle base (large rectangle shown in the picture above), 4 shelf attachments, and 1 card rack stand. 

(remember, we sell the card racks in packs of two, so you will have two sets of what's listed above. Also, you won't need all of the pieces for two of the card rack versions. Read below to find out more. 

Here are the three ways you can set up your card racks:


  1. Version 1: Without having to assemble anything, you've already set up the horizontal style card rack! (this is how the card rack arrives!) This card rack can display 10 cards.

Version 2: (slanted rack only) If you want the slanted version of the card rack, all you'll need to do is attach the rack stand to the large rectangle base. Make sure the slanted groves are facing upwards and the straight grooves are facing downwards before you attach the rack stand into the grooves. (we placed our rack stand in the fifth groove from the bottom so the cards have a nice slant....but you may like to try different slant heights...it's your personal preference!) 


This is what version 2 will look like when it's all finished!


Version 3: (standing up version only) Version three has the most steps of all three versions, however, it is still very easy to assemble. First, make sure the slanted grooves are facing downwards and the straight grooves are facing upwards. Then you'll want to attach the rack stand to the fourth groove from the bottom. 


Now you get to add the four shelf attachments! For each shelf, you will hold the shelf horizontally. Then you will press it into the first groove closest to the bottom.


Continue this pattern for all four shelves, but make sure to skip two grooves between each shelf! (this will spread the shelves out enough to showcase your cards.) And then you're all ready to go!

Now you know how to set up these three different card racks...enjoy!

Happy Organizing!

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April 01, 2016

Hi Sue! We can ship to Australia on certain products. We’ll contact you thru email to work out the details. Thanks!


March 31, 2016

Can the card stand be posted to Australia? Would you have any idea what postage would be to us here?
Live your stuff. Shame we are so far away

Kathy Medeiros
Kathy Medeiros

March 24, 2016

Love, love, love your products. I’m a 2 time buyer. I love that you paint the perimeters of my 3 DVD Style Stamp Set Organizers. I now have 4 sets all together, " I’ll be back!". It takes a while to receive, which only heightens the excitement you feel upon receipt. Thank you so much for the professional experience!

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