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Check out these three additions!

November 02, 2016

Check out these three additions!

Hey everyone! 

We are super excited to announce that we have come out with THREE new organizers and we think you'll love them! 

Okay, so here's a little background. Ever since our family business started in 2007, the PRO series organizers have been our most popular sellers. We originally designed the Pro Ink and Pro Ink/ReInk organizers to hold Stampin' Up ink pads. (we still sell these wonderful organizers) but now we have two NEW versions of these organizers that will hold other types of popular ink pads.

Do you need to store a bunch of ink pads, but you don't need to store Stampin' Up ink pads? Well, we created something perfect for you! We created the PRO versions of our organizers for up to 3.25" wide pads so you can now store more inks! (perfect for those serious ink pad collectors out there!)  

Just so you know, if you see any organizer with this in the title: (up to 3.25" wide pads) , then you know that this organizer was designed for the average size ink pads, such as Simon Says Stamps, MFT, Versamark, and many more.


So you want to check these new organizers out?! Well here they are!

Meet the Pro Ink Organizer (up to 3.25" wide pads). This organizer can store a total of 80 ink pads....up to 3.25" wide pads. Check it out here. This organizer will not accommodate Stampin' Up or the newest CTMH ink pads released in 2016.


 Next up...the Pro Ink/ReInk (up to 3.25" wide pads) This is a new spin on the classic Pro Ink/ReInk organizer. This organizer can hold as many as 64 ink pads and 64 ink refill bottles! Learn more about this organizer here. This organizer will not accommodate Stampin' Up or the newest CTMH ink pads released in 2016.


So these are our two new PRO organizers. But what about our third newest organizer??...Well here it is!!

Introducing the 40 Ink/ReInk Organizer for CTMH Inks.

 This organizer is perfect for storing ALL of your Close to My Heart ink pads and refill bottles. Yep, that's right...ALL of the CTMH ink pads, including the newer 2016 larger ink pads CTMH has come out with! This organizer will easily accommodate both the old and new type of CTMH products. There's no easier way to store them than all together! 

Here's a closer look at how this organizer holds the old and new CTMH ink pad versions. To learn more about this organizer, click here. 


Well, I hope you have enjoyed learning about our new organizers! Happy Organizing! 

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