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Create-My-Shelf Organizer

November 20, 2018

Create-My-Shelf Organizer

Have you received your Create-My-Shelf  Organizer organizer and want to learn how to assemble it? This blog will show you how to insert the wooden dowels, along with giving you a few great ideas on how you can create custom looks using the building block risers! 


The first step is setting up the wooden dowel legs. To do this, just screw each wooden dowel to the holes in the back of the organizer. Just make sure not to over-tighten. 


The Create-My-Shelf Organizer comes with one wooden base of this organizer (which consists of three shelves), two small block risers, and two large block risers. These are used to create different levels of organization. 


The two large block risers, which are 13"w x .75"h x 1.5"d, can be used to create another "mini shelf" on top of the main wooden base. Place them on any shelf to create more shelving. (fun fact: these create the perfect sized shelf for some small glitter glue and reink bottles)


The smaller wooden risers are shorter in length. Two of these can easily fit side by side to create one long riser. (the length of the organizer) Or, they can be separated/moved to create more levels. 


This is how they look sitting on the shelf. This is just another great reason to get creative! 


You can also place the risers directly on the desktop right beside the organizer base. This will you can expand the organizer and create more shelf space!


Here's a good look at how the block riser is used on the desktop to create another level of shelving. 


There are so many different possibilities, we just have to show off a few! Get creative! See how many different styles you can make! But if you want some good ideas, scroll through these pics!


 Example 1


Example 2


Example 3


Example 4


And don't forget! This Create-My-Shelf Organizer will fit in the Ikea Kallax units! 

Whether this inspires you to be creative, or simply shows you how to set up your organizer for the first time, thanks for reading! 

Happy Organizing!

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