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New Pencil Caddy and Pencil Caddy Riser

September 20, 2017

New Pencil Caddy and Pencil Caddy Riser

Hi everyone! We are excited to show you our new Pencil Caddy and Pencil Caddy Riser! Are you tired of digging through boxes and drawers to find that perfect colored pencil you have in mind? Or worse, you end up loosing half the pack of pencils by the time you need them? Now you can store all your favorite colors in one easy spot! These caddies have easily become one of our more popular desk accessories.  

Keep reading to find out some more fun info about these creative pencil caddies!


Here is a picture of a single Pencil Caddy without the riser. 


Notice how the pencils are spaced just right?...this allows you to grab the pencils with ease. And if you are SUPER organized, you could even organize these pencils by color!


Here is the caddy without the colored pencils. The pencil slots are slightly tilted forward to keep the pencils leaning forward a bit. (If the pencils holes were directly straight up and down, the pencils might lean in different directions and it would end up looking messy.)


See the slight tilt and evenly spaced pencils? 


Here is a look at the pencil holes up close. The rounded edges also make it easier to insert and remove the pencils. 


Alright, so we've shown you the Pencil Caddy, but check out the Pencil Caddy Riser. It looks very simple at first, but this wood is also slightly tilted so that it lines up directly behind the single pencil caddy. 


Here is a great look at the two Pencil Caddies and the Pencil Caddy Riser fitting perfectly. The slight tilt of the Pencil Riser keeps the pencils seamlessly spaced from the bottom row to the top. And having the Riser allows you to store 96 pencils in two caddies combined instead of the individual caddy that allows 48.


Here's another wonderful look! And to top it all off, both the caddys and the risers come with felt padding feet to protect your work space. 


I hope you've enjoyed this fun bit of info about our new Pencil Caddy and Riser! 

Happy Organizing! 

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November 14, 2018

Absolutely love it!

Marjorie Dumontier
Marjorie Dumontier

October 08, 2017

That’s a great idea !

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