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Small Tiered Pedestal

October 02, 2017

Small Tiered Pedestal

Hey there!

Have you seen our Small Tiered Pedestal? This blog post is going to showcase this nifty organizer and tell you more about it! 

Have you ever had to dig through boxes and bags to find the right glitter glue? Or worse....you have all your spray bottles on a shelf and you have to take them all off to get to the back ones? Well, now you can see them all at once! This Small Tiered Pedestal was designed so that you are able to see what craft supplies you have in the back row.

Also, this organizer allows so much creativity because you can store just about anything you want!

Keep reading to find out more about this fun organizer...


Here it is from the side. See how the bottle fit so well? (Even though you could use this tiered pedestal for just about anything...)


Fun Fact: This organizer is super lightweight and can be moved from room to room. You could even put it in your bag and take it with you to a crafting event!  


And one of the best parts about this small organizer is that it can fit perfectly above our other standard organizers for easy (and creative!) organization.


This is what it looks like with some craft bottles.


Well, this was a short little blog, but hopefully you enjoyed getting a closer look at the wonderful Small Tiered Pedestal!

As always, Happy Organizing!

2 Responses

Deane McPherson
Deane McPherson

October 09, 2017

What an awesome idea! Always looking for ways to organize and make things easier to see and find!!

Marjorie Dumontier
Marjorie Dumontier

October 08, 2017

That’s helpful but I’m wondering how stable this is ? I mean I’m a “little” clumsy, and I’d be worried about hitting a bottle when grabbing one and “domino” !! Lol !

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