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Washi Caddy Spacers

June 19, 2017

Washi Caddy Spacers

Hi everyone! The new 14 Cubby Drawer Caddy is a great organizer to store all of the washi  tape you have in piles and boxes. This nifty caddy will showcase all those beautifully colored tapes you have! (let's be honest, we basically own these tapes because of their beautifully colored designs) But, this organizer is a bit deep for the washi tape because it was designed to hold other items as well. But don't worry, we created a solution and it's called....Washi Spacers! Read below to find out what these spacers can do!

Here is a pic of the 14 Cubby Drawer Caddy. Notice how the Washi Tapes are the perfect height? This allows you to grab them easier.


 These organizers come with the spacers already in the organizer, but because they are removable,(we will get to this later in the blog) you can easily take them out if you are wanting to use the caddy for something other than washi tape.


 This is a close-up picture of how the spacer looks in the cubby. See how it is angled?


The angled spacer makes it very easy to remove. You may be wondering why there is a drilled out hole on the spacer? This will allow you to use a pencil or pen to pull the spacer out with ease! 


 Here is another look! 


 Here is a spacer outside of the cubby. 


If you decide not to use the spacers for washi tape, you can always store other crafty items in the caddy! It works perfectly for so many items....especially those small items that are always being lost in the back of a drawer of bottom of a box! 

Hope you've enjoyed learning about these nice little "mini shelves" for your washi tape! These spacers make it so easy to access your favorite washi tape!

Happy Organizing!

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