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One Stop Shopping! New Marketplace!

November 30, 2016

One Stop Shopping! New Marketplace!

Shopping online can be so easy and convenient, right? That's exactly why we're so excited to announce the grand opening of our OrganizeMore Marketplace! You'll love all the organizing goodies we have in this brand new section of our website! From sewing to drawing, we have it covered! 

This blog will explain what the new Marketplace is all about! The reason we've added this whole new section to our website is because we wanted to have a place where people can find some of the most popular craft storage items all in one convenient spot! Of course our handcrafted organizers are our main items, but now we have this new Marketplace where you can add a few fun organizing items to your order as well! One spot shopping! So let's get started!

Here are the four category pages of the online Marketplace so far:  

-Containers and Stands

-Sewing and Embroidery 

-Paper and More Storage

-Art and Drawing


 Now that we've covered the 4 new categories, lets look at some of the new items! Remember, we have many more items listed on our website, but here's an idea of what you could find! 

This Zip Pocket Crochet Hook Organizer is a perfect example of some of the fun organizing items we have now! 


This Glitter Glue Tray organizer is from our Container and Stands page. This storage container can hold a total of sixty-four!  Also, the handle makes it easy to transport! 


Check out this lightweight Desktop Storage Paper Rack organizer! Our Paper and More Storage page is where you can find it!


Or how about this Marker Case ...It's perfect for the on-the-go-crafter. Now you can take those markers with you!

Attention all sewing crafters! We have this nifty Bobbin Box and it is also very portable! 


As you can see, the OrganizeMore Marketplace is a wonderful addition to our store! We are very excited about it and hope you are too! So check it out whenever you get the chance....you never know when you'll find the perfect storage solution! 

And as always...

Happy Organizing! 

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