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What makes OrganizeMore different?

May 21, 2018

What makes OrganizeMore different?

Hi everyone! 

Have you ever wondered what makes OrganizeMore so special? Or what kind of material we use to handcraft our organizers? We're going to show you some special features that we think you'll really appreciate!


One special quality that we truly take pride in is the finish on each organizer. We paint each organizer with a non-toxic, easy to clean, satin finish. We use Behr Premium paint. It's 100% voc free and safe for all environments. We want you to be able to open up the box and your organizer is ready to use! You won't have to paint it yourself (unless you wanted to decorate it of course!) so it saves you time and effort! Also, painting unfinished wood seals in undesirable odors commonly associated with raw processed wood and mdf. So, you get a completely finished organizer that looks really pretty too!


On most of our organizers, there are 3" heavy-duty sawtooth hangers on the back. This way you can hang your organizer on the wall! This will save you some desk space....which we could all use some more of when crafting! They're also attached with screws which makes them even more durable and strong!


The casing is made of premium grade baltic birch. The edges are softly rolled over and the corners are glued and fastened for a super strong joint. The backing is 1/8" tempered board, with a strong white surface (like markerboard), adding more strength to the organizer. The overall feel of the organizer is very smooth, especially with the coat of paint mentioned earlier. 


The felt feet is a very important feature if you decide to use your organizer on a table or desk! These felt feet keep your surface clean and protected. We hand place all felt feet on every organizer. These are small, but paying attention to the small details are what matters to us!


For the majority of our organizers, we use a premium quality corrugated plastic for our inserts (shelves). These are lightweight, bright white, stain and warp resistant, and very easy to clean! This material is much stronger than foamcore board and looks much nicer than wood or mdf. It's also the most premium brand of corrugated plastic on the market! This material is twice as expensive as mdf but we think it's worth it. The look is very clean and is the most attractive material we could find. And, the overall weight of the organizer is very light. 


However, we have a few organizers that have wooden inserts. This depends on the specific organizer and what it will be used for. 


Most of our trays have wooden inserts that are left with the natural wood. We love the looks of this and makes these trays unique! 



Well, we hope you've enjoyed learning about some of those special features that we care so much about. Handcrafting organizers takes a bit longer, but each and every small detail adds up to create an amazing organizer that's not only functional and durable, but looks great too! Thanks again for reading!


As always, happy organizing!

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