COVID-19 Response

Hello friends!

First and foremost, it is our hope that everyone stays healthy during this time. We can't even begin to express how much each of you mean to our family as you support OrganizeMore with your business, encouraging notes and comments.  

As a small family business, we have a limited number of employees involved in the day to day operations here. Even still, we are doing everything possible to ensure our work areas, fulfillment areas, and products stay clean and sanitized. We are even cleaning appropriate areas after carriers perform their daily pickups. 

Also, we have temporarily reduced our product offerings to only our most popular items. This will allow us to be more efficient and streamlined in our build process. We hope this will reduce wait times as much as possible. 

As always, thank you so much for your patience with the normal wait times. As things progress, we may encounter delays in obtaining certain supplies. (As an example, the company we purchase the corrugated plastic from was nearly destroyed in the recent Nashville tornado. This caused a two week delay in delivery while they relocated and now they're experiencing delays themselves with restocking products.) However, we will do our best to communicate if there will be any extra delay to you with the building process. 

    Once again, thank you SO much for your support of OrganizeMore. Our family appreciates each and every one of you!

    Relax and create something beautiful during this!

    Take care,

    -The OrganizeMore Family