Learn about the Card Supply/Peg Organizer!

Learn about the Card Supply/Peg Organizer!

Do you need somewhere to store your cards, envelopes, and other crafty supplies? This Card Supply/Peg Organizer can be extremely helpful in the craftroom, at craft shows, or even during the holidays (think Christmas cards!)


Cards in the Card Supply/Peg Organizer can be organizer horizontally OR vertically (like in the first picture) 


Here's a good picture of the cards being stored both ways. Notice the wooden pegs? Each organizer comes with 16 of these dowels. They are removable so that you can create a custom organizer to fit your needs. (In this picture above, a set of pegs were removed to allow more brown envelopes.)  Since the pegs are removable, this allows you to store more than just cards...you can pretty much store anything from washi tape to markers to journaling cards! The creativity is endless!


Here's a good look at the spacing and how the dowels look when they're removed from the organizer!


And here's a good look at the organizer without any craft supplies!


Thanks so much for reading and learning more about the Card Supply/Peg Organizer!

We hope you're inspired to try one out for yourself!

Happy Organizing!

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