About Us

The Short: 

OrganizeMore is a family-operated business located in our little shop in the hills of Tennessee. We have offered handcrafted storage organizers since 2007. Our organizers are hand painted and completely finished so the product you receive is ready-to-use, right out of the box.

We do not mass produce our products. We do not outsource to other countries. We strive to offer friendly, courteous customer service to everyone. We hope you'll have a happy experience with OrganizeMore. If not, please let us know and we'll resolve any problem promptly.

Thank you for considering us. Happy Organizing!


The Long:

OrganizeMore started as a request from Chrissi, who was a Stampin Up' manager at the time. In late 2006, Chrissi was in need of organization to control all of the SU product she had. We built a 48 slot Ink Pad organizer (which we still sell to this day) and it worked great! Quickly, Chrissi's friends started requesting storage. So, as a second income, we tried building a few more. Next was a Ribbon Organizer. Yep, we still sell that one too! After a few other products were developed, we decided to list some on Ebay. Our first listing was for the Ink Pad organizer. We posted five units and they literally sold overnight. OrganizeMore was born!

In early 2007, we opened our first website. We only had a few products but, immediately started receiving orders. A few months into that we received a huge order from a customer in Texas. That was about the most exciting thing you could imagine. In 2008, we opened an Etsy store. We still run that store and just love all of the creative people we meet there.

When we first started building organizers, Chrissi insisted we "must build things that look really nice in someone's craft area". So, from the first organizer to now, we completely finish the organizers by hand. We sand, paint, sand and paint again each unit.  Then, after assembly, we polish the outsides, wrap the units in kraft paper, and ship them to you! This process adds lots of time to each unit but, we feel satisfied knowing when you open and unwrap your organizer, it will be completely finished and shiny new, ready to use right out of the box!

In the fall of 2013, we took the plunge and made OrganizeMore our full time jobs.Since then, we've been building organizers continually. Still building them by hand in our little shop in the hills of Tennessee. Still painting them by hand too. Sure, it takes much more time but, we want to offer a finished product that looks really nice in your craft room without you having to do anything but open your package and enjoy! Things get hectic at times (well, most times) but, we wouldn't have it any other way!

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who have made OrganizeMore what it is today. We are so blessed by each of you! 

Happy Organizing!