Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely! If you're not completely satisfied with the products you receive from OrganizeMore, please contact us and we will quickly offer a resolution to any issue. (more details here)

Are your organizers handmade?

Yes! We proudly build our OrganizeMore brand organizers by hand, just for you. We do not mass produce products or outsource to other countries. We build each and every unit in our little shop in the hills of Tennessee. Our products are made in the USA. (read more about our organizers here) Our new marketplace organizers are manufactured by great craft suppliers worldwide (see product descriptions for details).

Is there any assembly required?

Most of our organizers are completely finished and "ready-to-use" right out of the box. Some of the newer items are shipped "flat pack" style but can easily and quickly be assembled. Most don't even require tools. We offer the easiest and most complete way to get organized fast! Some of our new marketplace organizers require some assy. (please see product descriptions for details). 

Do you still offer different colors?

Due to continued growth and order volume, we have had to focus our efforts on one color, white. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Are retired Items available?

Due to overwhelming demand for more compact and affordable storage, we have had to make the difficult decision to retire some older items. If you have purchased one of these items in the past and need another one, please send us a request and we will do whatever we can to help. To request a retired item, please see instructions here

Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes! We currently ship to Canada via USPS. Rates are determined by USPS based on order size and location.
Do you offer free shipping?
Sure! If you are able to pick up your order once completed at our shop in Springfield, TN., no shipping charges would apply. Currently, our shopping cart requires shipping be paid upon checkout. But, when you arrive to pick up your order, a full refund for any paid shipping will be refunded at that time. Currently, we offer $14.95 for orders over $150!
Can these units be hung on the wall?
Yes, we actually encourage it. There's no better way to save space in your craft room than to make use of your walls and save room on your work surface. Two mounting holes are drilled into the backs of the ink organizers.  Some of our organizers are not wall hangable due to the weight and size of a filled unit. (please see individual product descriptions for specifics) Of course, the items specifically designed for desktop use do not hang on the wall. Thanks!
Do you offer discount codes?
Yes! From time to time we run various promotions for instant savings. We make those known thru email, Facebook, and Twitter.
Do you make custom orders?
We're sorry, due to current order volume, we are not able to take requests for custom organizers at this time. 
Can you tell me more details about what the organizers are made of?
Certainly! We are proud of our organizers and want you to know exactly what you are considering to purchase. (please click here to see everything about our products)
What if I can't find an organizer in your store like one I purchased in the past?
No problem. we occasionally "retire" an organizer to make room for new ones. If you find yourself needing a particular organizer no longer listed in our store, just send us a note and we'll try to build one for you if at all possible.
Are you open to suggestions, etc.?
Please! We highly value all of the input we receive from our customers! In fact, that s the best way for us to improve and meet your needs more effectively. Just drop us a note with any ideas or suggestions you may have here.
What if I didn't find the answer I'm looking for?

Easy! Simply send us a note here and we'll respond asap!

Thank you for considering OrganizeMore!