What makes OrganizeMore different?

The Finish:

We paint each organizer with a non-toxic, easy to clean, satin finish. We use Behr Premium paint. It's 100% voc free and safe for all environments. We simply want to provide you an organizer that's ready to use right out of the box, and pretty as well. It takes extra time to build but, we're glad it saves you the time and effort that would be required if you painted them yourself. Plus, painting unfinished wood seals in undesirable odors and fumes commonly associated with raw processed wood and mdf. So, you receive a finished product that's not only really pretty. but environmentally friendly too! Only from OrganizeMore!

The Inserts:

We use a premium quality corrugated plastic for our inserts (shelves) on most organizers. These are lightweight, bright white, stain and warp resistant, and very easy to clean! This material is much stronger than foamcore board and looks much nicer than wood or mdf. It's also the most premium brand of corrugated plastic on the market! This material is twice as expensive as mdf but we think it's worth it. The look is very clean and is the most attractive material we could find. And, the overall weight of the organizer is very light. 

The Hangers:

We install 3" wide heavy-duty sawtooth hangers on most units at no extra charge. This makes it so easy for you to save valuable workspace by making use of the walls! Attached with screws, these hangers are extremely strong and makes it quick and easy for wall mounting!

The Casing:

We  use a premium grade baltic birch for the casing. The edges are softly rolled over and the corners are glued and fastened for a super strong joint. The backing is 1/8" tempered board, with a strong white surface (like markerboard), adding more strength to the organizer.  Plus, the organizers are painted as mentioned above, making a really nice, pretty addition to your craft room!


The Feet:

We also add felt feet to the bottom of most of our organizers, to protect your work surface, should you decide to use the organizer as a standalone unit. Just another way to offer a product that is COMPLETELY finished and ready to use,  right out of the box! Quick, easy, and cute organizing, only from OrganizeMore!