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Distress Ink Pad Spacer Kit

December 29, 2015

Distress Ink Pad Spacer Kit

 Hi everyone! We are super excited to announce that we have created something that should make your life easier....well, at least your stamping and organizing life easier! The Distress Pad Spacers keep the Distress Ink Pads from falling too far back into the organizer cubbies. Check out the instructions below to see how this will help out!


Here is what the Distress Pad Spacers look like. (without the writing...we just wrote that for you to see the size) Each Spacer is made out of thin chip board an we sell these in a 24 kit for $1.00 or a 48 kit for $2.00.

But, if you wanted to hand make these yourselves, this is the size you would need to use. Cereal box cardboard is a tiny bit thinner than the material we use, so you could use that as a reference. But, you could use whatever material that's available....maybe even some cardstock paper, since I know I always have some of that around the craftroom!


 Step 1: Bend the chip board in half (this is really easy to do since the material is thin)


Step 2: After you folded the chip board in half, take one side and fold it in half again.


 Step 3: Now take the other side and fold it in half also. 


 Step 4: Once you are done folding the chip board, it should look like the letter "M".


 Step 6: Turn the "M" upside down to create the letter "W" (this is the way that you'll end up putting the piece in the organizer cubby) This "W" is ideal for keeping the stability of this chipboard. This is because the pressure from the "zig zag" position will keep the chip board in place and very sturdy when you push an ink pad against it. 


 Step 7: Push the "W" all the way to the back of the organizer and just like that...you're all done! This will be the blocker so the Distress Ink Pads don't slide back too far.


 Here is a close up of what the organizer will look like once the chip board is all the way in the back of the organizer cubby. 


 It was so easy for me to grab out the Distress Ink Pad once the Distress Pad Spacer was in the back of the organizer. Now the ink pad hangs off the organizer just a tiny bit so the ink pad can be easily pulled out. 


 See how the distress ink looks when the spacers aren't used? The Distress Ink Pad is pushed so far back that it becomes really difficult to grab. Plus, it doesn't even match all the other average sized stamp pads that are beside it. 


Here is the final result! The Distress Ink Pads, with the Distress Pad Spacer Kit, makes your organizer look finished and complete.

Happy Organizing!

3 Responses

DebC  shortie
DebC shortie

December 11, 2016

Great storage idea for my distress pads and the spacer’s keep the pads stable. Love it!!!

Lori Barnett
Lori Barnett

November 12, 2016

Great storage solutions!

natalie h
natalie h

February 11, 2016

I did something similiar to that! I like your way better and so now it looks like I will be doing a “do over – DIY” thanks for the measurement!!

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