Showcasing the Ribbon Organizer...

Showcasing the Ribbon Organizer...

Hi everyone! We are thrilled to show you how much fun our newly designed ribbon organizer is! 

Do you ever find yourself digging through bags or boxes of ribbon just to find that ribbon you remembered buying a few months back? Or accidental dropping one and it rolls across the room leaving a ribbon trail? Yep, it happens...


Sadly, this actually happened at one point when the boxes got moved. So we grabbed the box (with all the ribbon trails falling behind) and placed it on our photography table to show you how bad tons of ribbon can actually get.

SO, please don't let this happen to you! It will save you tons of time from re-rolling it all.


Ahhh, doesn't it feel like you can breathe again?! How refreshing it is to be all organized! (This photo is so inspiring too....if this doesn't make you want to go ribbon shopping, then I don't know what will...)  Also, it can brighten any room up with all those cheerful colors and designs! 


Plus, it's super fun and easy....just as easy as picking a book right off the bookshelf!


Another design that was specific to this ribbon organizer is that there are wooden dowels that run horizontally across each shelf. First of all, this prevents the ribbon from tumbling out. But you can use this as a guide for the ribbon if you choose. You don't even have to remove the ribbon off the shelf to cut a piece off. The ribbon works great both under or over the dowel, so it's totally up to you! Have fun with it and choose whichever way works best for you!


And like most of our other organizers, it comes with sturdy hangers on the back so you can hang it up if you need more desk-space. And it's 13" high to match our line of Smarter Cubbies!

I hope you have found out a bit more about the Ribbon organizer while reading this blog post! If you every have any questions, please feel to email us at We would love to hear from you!


Have a wonderful day! And Happy Organizing!

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Hi Laurie!

The ribbon organizer is $54.95, however, it’s not currently on our website. But sometimes we can do custom orders depending on the sales at the time. If you can email us, we can see if we can build a ribbon organizer for you. Also, we can build it without the dowels and holes if you’d prefer. Thank you!


Hi Jeanette!

Thanks! The Ribbon organizer is $54.95. It’s currently not listed on our main website, but email us to see if we can do a custom order if you’re interested. Thanks!

Jeannett Burnett

Love your storage solutions, but I can’t find out how much the ribbon storage system is. I would love to know!


What does the ribbon organizer sell for? Could it be made without the dowels/holes? Something to stand in for the nearly-impossible-to-find-now Embellishment Center?

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