Organizer Highlight: Standard Marker!

Organizer Highlight: Standard Marker!

Want to learn a little more about the Standard Marker organizer? This organizer has quickly become one our our more popular items since we recently released this new and improved version. Keep reading if you want to learn some of the reasons why it stays so popular...   


Here's a closer look. Notice the wooden shelving? Yes, WOODEN! And even though this is made of all wood, it's extremely lightweight. (just under 2 pounds to be exact!)

Also, see how to shelves are slightly tilted? This way you can easily grab a marker out without all the others falling out at the same time.  


Here's a look at the Standard Marker....without the markers! Like our other organizers, it's painted white for a smooth and finished look! 


And one of the best features of this organizer? It's only 13" tall! This means it can be stored in the IKEA Kallax shelving units. Since the Standard Marker is so lightweight and only 13" tall, you can practically find a place for it anywhere! You can even carry it around from room to room making it much easier to craft on the go!


The Standard Marker makes it so much easier to control your favorite markers, pens, or pencils!...especially those silly markers that keep rolling off the table onto the floor while you're trying to get work done! Ha! 

Anyway, thank you for reading and for taking the time to see why the Standard Marker has easily become one our our top sellers. 

Happy Organizing!

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Thanks Erica! To answer your question, three Standard Marker organizers can fit in a single IKEA Kallax shelf. I hope this helps! Thanks again!


How many of these can fix in a single IKEA Kallax shelf?

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