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New Mini Ink Tray

October 23, 2017

New Mini Ink Tray

Hey friends! 

This time of year is so exciting for us with the holidays quickly approaching. So to add to the excitement around here, we have introduced the new Mini Ink Tray and we love it! Keep reading to see some pics and to see how it can be used in your craft space! 


You know all those mini inks that just seem to disappear in your craft drawers, boxes, and bags? Well, we created this caddy so that they stay organized and ready to use! You can take this lightweight caddy with you wherever you go and you can easily keep it stored in a drawer as well! It stores a total of 60 mini inks!


Here is the caddy up close! There are 6 columns that hold 10 mini inks each. Notice how the wood dividers are evenly spaced and how the mini inks line up? The 1/4" column dividers are only 7/16" high so it keeps the ink pads divided. This makes it a lot easier to grab one to remove it. 


Here's a close up look at the column dividers. 


 Here's another fun fact! You can store these trays in drawers as well! These were created to fit perfectly into the Ikea Alex drawer units. But you can use them in other drawers as well!


And the best part? When you need to use the inks for a project, just remove the tray from the drawer and bring it with you wherever you need it! It can sit right on your crafting table next to you! Then when you're done, just carry the tray back to the drawer. No more piling those inks back in a bag or box when you're finished with them! 


 And guess what? These amazing trays are stackable!  Because they're only 1.12" tall, you can stack two on top of each other and still fit them into the Ikea drawer. You could even stack them up on a shelf or desktop as well!


There's some more good news! If you happen to be a super mini ink fan, we have introduced the Mini Ink Tray 3 Value Pack to save you money. You can get three trays for a cheaper price than buying three separately. (Hey, you could even give a tray to your crafty friend as a gift if you aren't planning to use all three...Christmas is coming up! haha) 


 Check out how three Mini Ink Trays look in the drawers! 


Hope you've enjoyed learning about the Mini Ink Tray! Thanks for reading! If you want to find out more on the Mini Ink Tray product page, click here.

Happy Organizing!

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