New Card Stand/Drying Rack

New Card Stand/Drying Rack

Hi everyone!

Have you seen our new Card Stand/Drying Rack? This blog post will highlight a little bit about this fun new product. 

Have you ever needed a place to store all those cards drying with glitter or glue? Or you might have a card in progress and need to come back to it later? OR would you like to showcase your cards in a stamp class or in your craft area? Well, now you can! 

We created this Card Stand/Drying Rack to help you out during your stamp sessions and card creating. Plus, it look beautiful when showcasing your cards off! 

What's neat about this product is that it's small and very easy to move from place to place. It could practically fit into your purse! Also, it's made from solid pine, which makes it very strong. The smooth finish is also nice! In total, this Card Stand/Drying Rack can hold 12 cards or envelopes. Sounds great, right?

Now you see why this item can be super useful!....especially to you card makers out there!

Thanks for reading! Happy Organizing!



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Oh my stars, what a cute idea! I just love the space saving (for drying purposes) aspect of the design. I need as much space as I can get for all of my crafty items since I have such a small craft room. If I don’t need to use space to dry cards (or take them to the dining room table), then this item is perfect.

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